Saturday 2 June 2007

dumball beckons

Sat 2nd June

It’s now less than a week before we set off for the Dumball rally and Mac and Alan come over to apply the new finish to the car, Adam had bought a number of bits and bobs for the car so we spent the afternoon changing it from bog standard Fiat red to something slightly more noticeable!

Adam has been training to walk with just crutches for emergency reason just in case when we are away we need to leave somewhere in a hurry in case of fire etc. he called me whilst we were doing the car and I turned round to see him standing at the front door in his crutches, how cool is that!.

We have a meeting on Tuesday with the prof and on Wednesday with the E N T crew so barring any nasties we are good to go on Friday… watch this space.

Thanks to all who have donated, directly or indirectly to the rally effort,

Love to all


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