Saturday 22 September 2007

Adam update 22 September

It’s been a while since I did an update, mainly because we have been a bit full on with various things; Adam managed to make his birthday last about 2 weeks which makes up, in part, for it coming so late in his 21st year.

He had a ball at his party and we followed up with a family do which followed Nell’s Christening and Dan’s 40th then Johns Memorial. I seem to have spent much of September with table and chairs in the boot of the car!

Although he is feeling well at the moment, the effects of the latest chemo are just beginning to make themselves known and we are hoping that he will manage to get through this round without becoming neutropaenic. He doesn’t need to get an infection right now!

The last MRSA test was clear so we hope the next is too, he needs 3 clear swabs before he is pronounced properly clear.

So we watch and wait, his blood is doing the right thing but we now know the leukaemia is back in his marrow so we pray (well I don’t pray but you get the gist) that the chemo has the right effect this time.

Love to all


Monday 3 September 2007

Mr Horn's 21st+1 Champagne & Hollywood

So, Adam determined that he wanted to celebrate the 21st birthday that he didnt get to properly celebrate last year as he was in Intensive care at the time, so he took the opportunity to have a combined 21st and 22nd party, his birthday isn't actually until the 13th but hey ho, he never let the facts get in the way of a good party!

29th August, one step forward..... 2 steps back

o the update

Update to the update

Saw the prof yesterday and sadly, the more substantial test shows the morrow to have blast cells in again.

The cells appear to be of the AML type rather than the existing ALL type so there are some big decisions to make pretty soon.

Déjà vu?

Love to all