Wednesday 27 February 2008

the 49th Day

There is a Buddhist ritual that takes place 49 days after a person has died, Claudia kindly undertook the ritual and sent the following Email by way of feedback.

Love to all


Subject: RE: 49 day blessing

I did the 49 day blessing for Adam all very buddhist smells & bells etc. & in the quiet reflective bit I felt quite real a connection with Adam, his source, soul, spark whatever you want to call it anyway he seemed to be curiously hanging about watching what I was doing listening to the bells & prayers of thanks for his life & for his future incarnations (if you believe in that sort of thing) I got a strong sense of him being really really happy joyful & free & so so grateful & full of love for you both & the rest of the family. That his life although short, truely was complete, a sense of he did what he had come to do. I then saw lots & lots of flashes of him laughing & of some very very funny moments in his life, I saw one a story he had told me about: at a fund-raising black tie dinner where he had met Fergie duchess of york, & on hearing her ask what she could do to help the teenage cancer trust he suggested quite loudly she could always get her tits out!

So by the end of the blessing ritual I was laughing & had a huge smile on my face! he certainly knew how to do that well!

lots of love to all

Claudia x

Friday 8 February 2008

a month on... youtube video

It’s a month tomorrow since Adam joined the party in the sky and despite missing him more than I thought possible I hope he’s having a ball wherever he is.

A number of people have asked if they can view or get a copy of the video from the funeral and I did try a few auto downloading files for mailing to people, some worked and some didn’t so I have elected to put the file in its entirety on youtube.

For those of you who were there it will be, I hope, a pleasing reminder of his words and for anyone who wasn’t there then it will give some insight into how he felt about a few things and also a brief insight into the antics of the Dumball rally.

Love to all



Post Funeral news

There is a weird calm that has settled since the funeral, I think that the calm is simply a result of not having to live with the daily fear of what is going to happen as the worst has already happened.

I'm going to stop apologising for not saying thank you to everyone who sent messages or donations but please know that we do really value all that has been sent and the very real help that people have given.

The few auto download links that i sent out to the video file shown on the day seem to have worked and not worked in equal measure so I shall try to put the files up on a webpage for download in the near future.

The total donations for TCT are very nearly £4000 now, thats absolutely brilliant, thanks again to all

love to all