Tuesday 12 June 2007

greetings from Budapest

June 12

It’s 6.30 UK time and I’ve just woken Adam from his pit after a 1.30 a.m. finish last night, he seems to have remembered that his liver is evil and must be punished so he has been imbibing on the local beers each night.

The rally has so far been great fun, an 11 hour drive the first day to get us into Prague, it shouldn’t have taken that long but with 22 vehicles, all quite old and costing very little there are numerous stops along the way, we lost one Vehicle somewhere in Germany when the Rave Rockets Scorpio decided to lose weight by shedding most of its engine, still the guys jumped into someone else’s car, gave some Euros toe the tow truck and they will never see the car again.

The entry into Bratislava was with a full police escort, stopping traffic and shutting roads to let us through, now we know how Royalty feel! The exit from Bratislava was with the escort again and this time Adam rode shotgun with the police in the mid car.

We are now in Budapest and just about to go to find some breakfast, on a couple of the night we have had to book into a hotel as the hostel’s don’t have great facilities for wheelchair access and there are only so many stairs I feel like lifting the chair and Adam up! So the accommodation has been ok so far.

Will try to post more information soon but it is quite difficult, the main dumball website has a link to the live update site and can be found at www.dumballrally.org.uk

Love to all


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