Friday 15 June 2007

Istanbul at last!

We've arrived at Istanbul!

The journey was interesting to say the least, a nember of cars have already been left in Bulgaria becuase of difficulties wiht disposing of them in Turkey and the number of ingenious plans has been awesome!

we have now come up with plan 423B/2a and will put it into action tomorrow!

Adam has been brilliant, he's struggled being in the bus wiht the old farts at times but generally he's enjoyed it i think

sorry i havent posted recently but the laptop mains supply has disappeared so I havent been able to do anyting until i got to this hotel!

love to all


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, what an achievement. Well done to all, specially you Ad, putting up with those old fogies!
LYL, Jackie and Mick xx

Anonymous said...

Well done all of you, look forward to your return.

Pity Adam's only escape from the elderly is being towed in his wheelchair at the end of a rope.

Love to all - we're well proud of you.

Don & Fran