Tuesday 29 May 2007

Tuesday 29th May

Adam went to the hospital this morning to meet the doctor who is to cast the socket for his artificial leg, the guy was interested to know about the Dumball rally and he was interested to help with some of the logistics, Adam walked the parallel bars twice on Friday with a temporary artificial leg, we plan to get Adam to try walking with crutches for a short distance so that, in an emergency such as a fire in a hostel in Bulgaria, he will be able to move independently. He isn’t supposed to put weight or strain on the right heel but in an emergency I guess anything goes!

Plans for the rally are well underway and we begin to realise that there are a lot of logistics still to resolve, not least getting the car registered urgently so we can legally dispose of it!

And then there’s the more important issues like, what colour super soakers do we buy to ensure that we can do proper water fights on the way!!!!

Watch this space

Love to all


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