Wednesday 23 May 2007

update Wednesday 23may07

I should have done this update yesterday.

We had Adams latest consult with the prof yesterday; this was also the time we would get the results of the last chromosome test on his marrow.

I had asked the registrar to tell me the results of the test over the phone at the end of last week, she asked if I was sure I’d want them over the phone because obviously they can be bad as well as good, I said I was ok with it as it would determine whether I went with Adam and Pauline, she emailed me back to say that the results were in but were being posted straight to the prof and she couldn’t get then over the phone.

Which was an excellent lesson in don’t ask a question if you cant face the answer, I naturally assumed she wasn’t telling me because it was bad news and spent the weekend fretting, finally my fretting got the better of me and I emailed the prof to ask the same question, he replied to say that the result couldn’t be given in 10 seconds or by email but that they were very good, not zero but very close and he would then be out of contact till clinic!

So I went to clinic!

The results were good, and Adams bloods are near normal so the plan is to continue at the moment, Pauline queried the dosage on the silver bullet drug, Dasatinib as this had been lowered a while ago owing to a reduced platelet count and it was agreed that his dosage be upped.

The prof also decided to stop a couple of the other drugs he’s been on so he was pleased to be released from taking them.

The next consult is early in June just before the Dumball, and will be mainly to monitor the effects of increasing the Dasatinib on his blood counts.

So, for now, he’s enjoying cruising around in his car….

Enjoy the bank holiday


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