Tuesday 1 May 2007


Took Adam back into the hospital Sunday evening and spent the day with him yesterday chilling and chatting, he went to the gym and did a tiny amount of physio which he enjoyed, then eventually the docs did their rounds and asked how he got on at the weekend, ‘fine’ he answered, ‘ok’ they said ‘lets think about making you being at home a more permanent thing’ ‘yes please’ he said, ‘how soon’ they said, ‘how about now’ he said, ‘ok’ they said.... 'best get packing' I said!

So we packed everything up, met the transport guy and brought Adam home late last night.

It felt a bit like running away from school or playing hookey as it wasn’t planned, but like all those days in your childhood when you are playing hookey, all the more precious as a result!

The weekend really did the trick and he has a much more positive head on him at the moment so we hope to build on that as much as possible.

Love to all.


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