Sunday 1 April 2007

April 1st - no fooling

It’s been a while since I did an update so I thought it about time I put pen to paper so to speak..

Adam has been at home for a while now; he is struggling mentally with the apparently continual onslaught of news and events that don’t go his way.

He is very flat at the moment and spends most of his time in bed, he rarely sleeps at night as he drifts into and out of sleep during the day, we recently got some sleeping tablets for him and hope that these may allow him to get some pattern back to his sleeping.

His new car is now expected sometime during April for the time begin it’s kinda academic as he would have difficulty driving at the moment as his heel has yet to heal, the steroids that we prescribed in addition to the chemo have an affect on his ability to generate new tissue and as a result his heel has effectively gone backwards for a month..

He don’t get it easy this kid.

Love to all


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Margaret said...

I have to check Adams blog every
day hoping for good news,I am so happy for you that he is at home it is the best place for him right now.Hang in there the knot at the end of the rope is very large hold on God Bless You All
Margaret Waite