Friday 20 April 2007

Friday 20th April - more pain please docs

Adam continues to improve slowly from the chest infection, the docs appear to have confirmed that it was not bacterial and therefore most likely fungal, we told them this at the outset as he has had problems with fungal infections in his chest before but I guess they have to treat for every possible eventuality.

He is quite weak now and he’s been fairly immobile for a couple of weeks which of course doesn’t help his recovery, he is also experiencing severe joint pain at the moment which means he can hardly move, the docs feel it may be a result of some of the antibiotics or possibly the Dasatinib, the new anti leukaemia drug.

Whatever it is, we need to get on top of it soon as he is struggling with the pain again.

Most of the antibiotics have been changed for oral rather than intravenous which means that, when he is strong enough he will be able to come home, at present though he isn’t thinking beyond day to day and he feels too weak to be able to manage at home for now.

The dressing on his heel has been changed to one that is intended to re-encourage the granulation of the tissue around his exposed bone, the new tissue that grew a while ago has now formed skin but it hasn’t covered the bone so he has a really neat looking area of new skin around a rather nasty looking bone sticking out. Not the ideal for a kid who wants to drive his new car when it arrives (hopefully in mid May now)

He is still breathing with the aid of oxygen but his ‘sats’ (see how we get all the lingo, years of watching Casualty weren’t wasted after all!) are getting better when he is on room air so his lungs appear to be improving, just a few other issues now to get moving on before he can be strong enough to get home.

Love to all


PS. A huge and belated thankyou to Karen Miller, the garden looks brilliant after your efforts!

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