Friday 13 April 2007

Morphine rules KO!

Adam started this morning in a lot of pain from his chest, the pain control team came to see him and after an Xray they determined that, whilst his lungs are slowly clearing, he has some significant pain from the lining of he lungs where they are inflamed, the lining of the plural cavity should be like two sheets of silk rubbing against each other and in Adam’s case they are like two sheets of sandpaper!

He is anxious about the pain and this increases his breathing rate which in turn means he gets less oxygen which increases his breathing rate which makes him get less oxygen which increase his anxiety…. You getting the picture?

Some heavy duty narcotics and a long chat about his improvement and he is a lot calmer now, sitting up and talking, the amount of oxygen he needs is a little less than yesterday so he is genuinely improving, he just doesn’t feel his is at the moment.

It’s hopefully now just a waiting game to allow the infection to clear and to get him active again, he is very skinny now as everything conspires to stop him eating but as his head is a lot clearer, I hope he’ll start to eat more soon, he does get hungry but takes very small meals or just nibbles, it’s all better than nothing but his body is working hard so he needs nutrients big time.

I’m swapping over with Pauline later so that I can go to Paris for some self inflicted pain on my legs by way of a warm up for the London Marathon next week. My training guru has a lot to answer for!!!!!!

Whilst you’re all enjoying your eggs and bacon on Sunday morning, spare a thought for four nutters from the UK who will be leggin it down the Champs Elysses with not a coffee or croissant in sight!

Au Revior pour maintenent

Amour pour tout


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