Monday 9 April 2007

Easter Greetings from UCH!

Well, this Easter wasn’t quite what we’d planned…

Adam and I recently went to a good mates and he was at the time still very withdrawn and docile, he managed however to play a video game on an Xbox and play it brilliantly, which made me realise that his brain is probably all still there doing the normal stuff but just in a lights off nobody’s home state at the moment.

So on Saturday morning I decided to go get him an Xbox to see if he would at least have something to occupy him during the rare times he is up and awake, got back with it and he was still in bed and complaining that his breathing was getting worse, he recently had the bad cold that everyone has had and he obviously takes longer to get rid of the cold than most.

To cut a long story short, within a couple of hours we found ourselves in the back of an ambulance on a blue light heading for Mayday hospital, a few hours in the right itu dept and he was identified as having pneumonia and two thirds of each lung was wet with some nasty infection.

His BP was very low and they all got very jittery about this at Mayday, I’m sitting there calmly saying, ‘yeah, don’t worry he’s always low on blood pressure’ and they are all thinking he’s in need of intervention. Anyway we ended up going by ambulance from Mayday to UCH late in the evening where we remain.

He has been given some industrial strength I/V antibiotics and has been on oxygen for all the time, his breathing has improved and we hope that today will show him turning the corner.

His red blood count has dropped a lot over the past couple of days so he had some of UCH’s finest vintage claret overnight and he now has some colour in his cheeks again.

Interestingly, he has been more alert and awake than of late and, when he is awake, he says his head feels clearer and less ‘noisy’. I’m guessing this is because he’s had something else to occupy his mind with but if not then hey, we’ll take all the good stuff we can whenever it’s here!

Depending on how he improves, I shall make my decision on whether to do the Paris marathon or not later in the week but for now we are just waiting to see what the next couple of days bring by way of hopefully improvement. The way my legs and calves feel at the moment I can hardly imagine being able to run 26 miles, let alone do it twice in a week! If anyone is good at massage or has some performance enhancing drugs, they’ll be very welcome here!

Love to all for what’s left of Easter, Thoughts are with Les, Ian, Sheila and Family at the moment.


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