Tuesday 24 April 2007

Tuesday 24th April

Adam has been quite flat for the last few days, he says he feels like he has flu and aches all over, the docs felt that his severe joint pain may have been down to interactions between the Dasatinib and one of the antibiotics so they have stopped the antibiotic for now and have replaced it with another that has fewer inter reactions.

He is sleeping much of the day and it gets harder to wake and motivate him, we fear that after such long stints in hospital, it becomes a way of life and your horizons become narrower and narrower the longer it goes on, its also impossible to get fresh air into the room so the notion of flinging open the window and being filled with the reality of a new day each morning is impossible to achieve and the artificial environment becomes home, this I am sure does little to bolster his spirit and at a time when he has had to endure so much for so long it’s no surprise that he gets very low about it all.

It’s hard to find things to motivate him as the amount of time he’s awake is brief and usually the first thought is to try to get some nourishment into him but we do try and with luck his body will bounce back, yet again, followed by his head and we can start to build him up again.

The impossibly slow progress of his heel is a huge limiting factor in his general recovery as it means he still cant even begin to think about weight bearing, the dumball rally is in just 8 weeks and the likelihood of him being fit to do it seems very low at this moment in time, but we have always worked on the principle that it’s best to take one day at a time, plan to do rather than not do and then see what happens. So… Lets see what happens!

Love to all



Anonymous said...

After raeding this it makes you realise how much we all take life for granted and you should enjoy everyday as it comes as its so precious. you are so brave and an insparation. love to you all best wishes xx

Anonymous said...

Keep your chin up! My dad has been through cancer 3 times and still came out smiling at the other end! He has now been hit by another illness but he wont let it get him down, being positive about it is the best thing i think. Keep thinking...I can make it to the lamp post! Silly thing we used to do at school when our school bags were really heavy...kind a stuck with me! lol. all the best x

Anonymous said...

Keep positive! Your a real inspiration to everyone! :-)