Tuesday 13 March 2007

UCH holiday camp beckons

Tuesday 13 March

We visited with the Prof again today, Adams blood counts have taken a nose dive which is a sign that the chemo is working, the effect is that he has become Neutropaenic and at infection risk again.

He has been experiencing some serious anxiety issues as a result of coming off some of the painkillers that he's been on for a long time and also because... yep, you've guessed it! He has a lot to be anxious about!

He asked if he could be brought into hospital for a short break while he tries to sort his head out, the prof felt this was a good idea as he is likely to need platelets anyday as his counts continue to fall.

So we are back in UCH on T13 room 2 where the nurses are making an appropriate fuss over him, he can get some professional help here and with luck it'll be a boost for him.

love to all


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