Tuesday 23 January 2007


Adam had his review this morning with the Vascular team and this afternoon he had the vac pump dressing changed on his right heel and front of foot, the docs are pleased with the improvements made with the vac pump and as he is now off the I/V painkillers, he was allowed home this afternoon!

Strangely the docs said that the vac pump isn’t allowed to leave the hospital so we now have to source one ourselves, Shelly is in contact with someone at St Georges who may be able to help and I have made contact with KCI, the makers to see if we can buy the portable version privately.

It was brilliant to finally get him home, we had Chinese and are now watching shameless, a proper slags nite in!

There are some practical issue we have to resolve with the house and his access to it but for now, we are just enjoying having him home and he is happy to be here.

Love to all


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Anonymous said...

Good to hear your voice earlier babe. Welcome home.

Sleep well tonight. No nutters wandering around now (well, apart from your Dad!!!, Sorry Colin xxx).

Big Kisses
Shelly, Bri and Jamie xxxx