Monday 22 January 2007

Monday 22 January 2007

A brief update.

Adam is now off the IV morphine, I did a deal with the nurses at the weekend to slowly reduce the dose and this seems to have worked, he didn’t know it but was getting less and less dose. He is now on oral pain killers which mean that he is more likely to be discharged.

The Vascular team didn’t get to see him today so they plan to at 11.00 tomorrow, at which time the will check the progress on the heel of his right foot to see how well the Vac pump is doing.

The guy in the bed next to him has MRSA!

We don’t like it easy! There’s lots of reassurance about how difficult it is to catch etc etc, (if it was that bloody difficult then perhaps the guy in the bed next may not have caught it!) but I’m not reassured, Pauline has been putting pressure on as she’s in today, they offered to move him to another bed on the same ward but that seems to defeat the object as there is no guarantee that the infection wont carry.

Otherwise, Adam is in good mood and looking forward to getting back home.

Love to all



Anonymous said...

If my Ad catches MRSA I wouldn't like to be responsible for my actions. Hope you can get him out of there pronto. Go Ad, there's a bed waiting for you at home!

Unknown said...

Just so unbeliavable! but then is it!!!Glad Adam is at home