Sunday 21 January 2007

the beginning of the blog

This will be the first entry in the blog so we'll see if it's a good addition to the email updates for everyone, Adam doesn't see the email replies but he will be able to see the blog entries.


Anonymous said...

Adam has been steadily improving mentally over the past few days and since
visit from Marc Woods, he now realises that there shouldn't be much that he
can't do; he'll just need to adjust how he does things.

The pain is being controlled better now, albeit that he seems to have
developed a liking for industrial doses of morphine so we'll have another
issue to deal with when he comes off it.

The current plan is to try to get him of the IV painkiller Monday with a
to returning him to oral painkillers which then means there is little
him leaving hospital for home.

We've yet to fathom quite how we'll deal with him at home from a logistics
point of view but then, not having any idea of what or how I'm gonna do
something has never stopped me from having a go in the past! (Ask some of

The vac pump was found as has been steadily whirring away at his right foot,
this adds to the cacophony of noise on the ward and makes sleeping at nights
an ever more difficult thing, reckon I'm going to try sidelining some of his
morphine to see if that helps.

His mood is so much better now and he is joking about things again, he has
been with the physios a few times and went down to the gym in the wheelchair
yesterday to do some exercises. He enjoyed this no end albeit that it tired
him out big time!

So, with luck we'll get him home soon and then I guess the fun will start
over again watch this space.

Love to all


Anonymous said...

Brilliant idea, and great that you'll be able to see all the comments Ad. Hope the physio's going okay - give those nurses hell!!