Tuesday 30 January 2007

Motor cars make all the difference

Monday 29 January

Adam had a good weekend, on Saturday we went to order his new car, he had test driven 2 versions of the Ford Focus, one with the 1.6 engine and one with the 2.0 engine. Not surprisingly, as he needs an auto the 2.0litre engine was much better so he plumped for this one.

He arrived at the dealership in his wheelchair and apologised to the salesman for being late as he had 'gotten legless' the previous night!

Afterwards we went into Croydon for some retail therapy, the first time we’ve been ‘out’ proper in public since the amputation and he enjoyed spending some cash, we saw some a few people and friends that we knew and he was fine with the leg thing.

Found out yesterday though that the mobility scheme that provides the car won’t insure someone under 25 in a 2.0 litre car so he has now had to downsize to the 1.6! Ying and Yang this boy or what?

We went to Mac and Lets on a spontaneous visit last night, I want to get him out as much as possible as I fear he stagnates in the house and we had a great time, he said as we got into the car afterwards, ‘thanks dad, I enjoyed being out’

I’ve now got a place in the Dumball rally http://www.dumballrally.org.uk/ which takes place later this year. I now need to find a car capable of taking 4 people safely to Istanbul and that costs less than £400.00. anyone with any bright ideas do please shout.

And, I learned recently that the Paris and London marathons in April are a week apart not two weeks!!!! (Thanks Asghar!!!!) So may need the services of a good leg masseuse in the week between or preferably a look-alike who can run fast!

As i've had to take a paid charity place in the London Marathon with the seafarers I'll no doubt be banging the sponsorship drum again soon! SORRY

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