Thursday 3 January 2008

Thursday Jan 3 2008

Adam had a rough night last night and so I went into the hospital early this morning at his request, by the time I got there he was a little calmer, having thrown up a load of blood which was pretty frightening for both him and Pauline, he has had a pretty ropey day and has mainly been out of it on morphine and pain killers.

Then just for good measure, the red patches appeared again on his leg, these signify infection and are no doubt a result of his neutropaenia allowing the previous infection in his leg to restart.

So, after a tough week followed by a day from hell yesterday he now has to go through this latest infection, any one of these issues would be taxing but the multitude that he constantly faces seems to be enough to test the patience of a saint.

He has been upset today, I think the combination of the pain and his inability to move around get him down and his usually bright self is missing, no wonder really, his ability to wake up each morning with a smile on his face is phenomenal and humbles me often.

I met a new member of the club the other day and was giving her some advice on how this game goes, I found myself repeating the two simple pieces of advice that I was given when I too had not yet got my hospital air miles card validated.

1. go with the flow

2. take each day at a time

So, for now I think I need to take some of that advice myself……………

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