Friday 11 January 2008

Adam update 11 January 2008

I thought I might stop doing the updates but, for now at least there are some items of note that may interest those of you who have been on this journey with us for so long.

It isn’t possible to describe how we are feeling, 7 years is not long enough to prepare anyone for this…..

Over the years our house has looked more and more like a chemist or hospital, those of you who have been here will know just how much space the various pieces of kit and paraphernalia take up.

We had always thought we would celebrate his recovery by finally getting rid of the tall multi drawer unit that we got when he was first ill and removing all the medical bits and bobs from the house.

Pauline couldn’t sleep and this morning as she was woken as we both have been so many times by the sound of Adam calling her from his bedroom………..She got up at six o’clock and I could hear her pottering around downstairs, after a bit my curiosity got the better of me and I found her bagging up all the ‘stuff’, we talked about the method of disposal in a logical and mature manner, we both found a lot of anger associated with all the bits and bobs and their intrusion into our lives for so long. And so, as it was pouring with rain outside we got some highly flammable liquid, made a pile including the multi drawer unit (very good value by the way and available at a B&Q store near you!) and lit a bonfire from a not particularly safe distance!

And as the flames grew bigger we found more ‘stuff’ that reminded us of his disease to put onto the fire and we stood in the pouring rain watching a pretty good fire burn, then some of the bottles and closed containers decided to do their thing and make a mini firework display all of their own………….

The boy would have liked that!

The date for his Funeral is Thursday 24th Jan at 10.00 am in Wallington, precise details to follow… I know, I know, its along time away but apparently over Christmas lots of people are dying to get into cemeteries!

Love to all

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