Wednesday 9 January 2008

Adam Update 9 January 2008

Our Angel came home yesterday evening by way of a special present for my birthday; he left us to join some other angels just after midnight and for the first time in nearly seven years looked truly peaceful. He spent the previous afternoon quite lively, laughing and joking with Karen and Nell at the hospital and he got his wish to come home and see Bailey.

His life was short but touched many people here and all over the world. I know of no one who ever met him that didn’t feel his presence.

We know that many will want to contact us and we are happy for that but in the immediate term we should like a brief period to indulge ourselves, I’ll update with details of his funeral which I suspect may include some white tuxedos and champagne… comply with Adam’s wishes, does anyone know where I can get a star shaped coffin in glossy white with a playboy bunny on the side?! He always said that when he went, he wanted to take up as much room as possible!

The Latin writing on his his tattoo reads, ‘Alis Volit Propriis, Ad Astra, Per Aspera.’



Anonymous said...

Every once in a while in life you may be lucky to stumble across someone like Adam.

I feel blessed to have known him and am proud of the man he had become, proud of how brave he was and inspired by his outlook on life.

Today is a sad day. Colin, Pauline and all your family, take comfort and strength from your memories and be so proud of the boy. Know that all your friends are here for you as you find your way through this sad time.

Unknown said...

I have prayed to the the waiting angels to look after our very special angel. As shelly said we are so lucky to have met adam. I will remember him in New York, being so happy, so brave and so full of life. His wonderful spirit was a such an inspiration for all who he met.
To Colin, Pauline and all those who were so much loved by adam, Jennifer And myself send all our love to you and please know that so many people will be here for you both in thoughts and prayer.

love Nigel & Jennifer

Karen Jersey said...

Colin, Pauline, Karen.

Words fail us but we love you all very much and are here whenever you need us. Adam was a true inspiration to all a fighter to the end a truly remarkable young man of whom we are very proud.

Karen,Derrick,Alida, Lawrence(squiggy) and Brooke.
Jersey xxxxxxxx

Helen Johnson said...

I was truly blown away when I discovered Adams had passed. He was incredibly brave and an inspiration to us all. I may have been his nurse but sometimes someone really touches your heart and Adam was one of those people.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Helen Johnson

Louann said...

"Sleep well sweet prince, may hosts of angels guide you to your rest". Pauline, Colin and Karen, just to let you know that we are thinking about you and send love.
Louann, George, Gareth and Marcus.

Jeanette said...

To Colin, Pauline and all the family. My heart and thoughts are with you all at this terribly sad time. With love from Jeanette, Ferg and family. xxxxxx

John Lawrence said...

Colin and Pauline

We are thinking of you both at this difficult time. Adam was a brave boy and he will love you forever for being such wonderful parents.Be strong...

John & June x

Anonymous said...

I will always remember the first night Colin and Pauline left myself and Adam in the Dorchester Hotel... I thought they were fools, leaving me with their 'innocent treasure' !!! But oh no... IT WAS THE OTHER WAY ROUND! He wrecked me!!! Then there were countless times he would beat me at FIFA... but how the hell could he? It was my freekin game and he was a bit out of it at the time!!!! I actually still owe him £180 from a pool competition that he completely hustled me on! Eventually got out of that one eh???

I know that it's easy to say "he was an inspiration..." etc etc, but y'know it's actually so true. Adam has done so much for me that no-one will ever know...

Catch ya on the other side my bruvva from another muvva!! xxxxx Banks

Steve Palmer said...

I met Adam and Colin in October 2003 on a BBC film-shoot: they were featured in 'Teenagers' Week'. Because my own son had been in hospital, Colin and I hit it off immediately and we have stayed in contact since. I've been reading Colin's updates about Adam for years now. Whenever we've talked, Colin's always asked how my Stan is. He’s the most unselfish person I think I’ve ever met and a role model on how to be a wonderful father. My mind goes back to the pleasant day the three of us spent together in 2003 and the love that Adam and Colin had for each other shone through as we filmed them with their motorbikes. I’m very much on the periphery, but Colin’s passion has been a true inspiration to me and I do hope you don’t mind me sharing it on this site. It’s clear that Adam inspired many people and we are thinking of the whole family at this time.
Steve Palmer.

Anonymous said...

you were'nt supposed to die,you were'nt even supposed to get ill but it was Gods way for reasons that only you now know.You can now look at Mum & Dad and say "so that's what it was all about".Your strength and courage moved and helped many around you.

Anonymous said...

Pauline and Colin, I know we only met through very tragic circumstances, and we now belong to the club no-one wants to join.

I have watched your updates closely, hoping and praying for a different outcome for Adam. Emily thought so much of Adam and now two angels will meet in heaven.
I know she will look out for him.

Adam was a very special person, and I can believe he has been an inspiration to many that met him, as they say 'the apple dosen't fall far from the tree'.

Please know you are in our thoughts and we wish you strength and love at this unbearable time.

Please call if and when you feel ready.
Colleen and Stuart xxx