Friday 30 November 2007


Well, it’s been another lively week, chez UCH.

You may recall that, sadly predictably Adam came back into UCH last week as a result of an infection, he responded reasonably well to the antibiotics and then got the expected chest infection that usually occurs when he is neutropaenic.

Then, just for good measure, we found another game to play..

Adams platelet count has been very low, he has often had a slight reaction when having the platelet transfusions and last weekend he had a more severe reaction like a mild anaphylaxis, his breathing became short, he started coughing and immediately asked for the transfusion to stop, he was unable to get his breath and so was put on oxygen for a time.

Now…. Here’s a potential management problem…..

He has very few platelets, and I mean very few, a recent count was 4…… they get knocked out daily and he uses them up too, he cannot live without them and….. his body reacts to them by going into shock!

Answers on a postcard please…..

Having mailed and spoken to the transfusion specialists they too agreed that it’s a difficult conundrum.

Dr Doom and Gloom asked to see us as a family and pointed out that the situation could easily become life threatening if Adam had a large bleed or damaged himself. So, whilst Adam appears pretty much recovered from the infections now and I hope to take him home tomorrow (Saturday) he is in a precarious position.

We thought he had started making platelets on his own the other day when his count appeared to pop up on its own but it seems that, whilst his marrow may be beginning to do things, it is more likely that the tests were incorrect.

Thus the docs have said that they will only transfuse if he is actively bleeding, he had a bag of platelets tonight and again had a reaction and needed oxygen to breathe.

Not entirely sure how we will manage him at home in the even that he cuts himself badly or gets into difficulty but he will feel better at home….

Dull? Never, not around here!

Love to all.

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