Tuesday 13 September 2016

31 Years ago

31 years since you burst onto the worlds stage...

I wonder,

What kind of man you would have been?  

I think you'd have been strong, of body and of mind, I think you'd have been kind and considerate, I think you'd have been the peacemaker and mediator, I think you'd have been very proud of Gavin and Nathan, I think you'd have been godfather to many children and I think you'd maybe have had one or more of your own by now. They would be beautiful, that's for sure.......

Maybe you'd be married, maybe you'd have emigrated to be nearer Karen and the girls, maybe you'd have been at work in a creative or sales job, I suspect you would have made your way in whatever way worked for you.

And you would be giving more than you take, for that was your way.....

Every day I miss you and every day I wish things were different but we get the hand we are dealt and you taught so much to so many, you are loved by all that knew you, to this day, your light still shines and I am so very very proud of you son.............  Love you xxxxxxxx

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