Sunday 30 December 2007

Adam Update - 2008 beckons

Its 22.40 and Adam is sitting up typing on his laptop, having access to the internet during a stay in hospital is such an enabling thing; he and I would be out of our minds without it.

Having made some improvement a couple of days into this stay it appears that the bleed continues or has restarted, he is currently having around 2 units of blood and 2 bags of platelets each day and his blood count is not rising, in fact some days it falls which suggests that the bleed is almost as bad as it was when he came in, but he is slowly incrementing with his platelets and we hope that this will help to stem the flow.

His improvement came when he was fasting and the progress seemed to stop once he started eating again so he is considering fasting again to see if this does make a difference.

I of course could do with some fasting to remove a few additional pounds that I need to lose before running a couple of marathons in April!

So it’s back to the watch and nervously wait game at the moment, he is gutted that he will be spending New Years eve in hospital and even more gutted that the fluid retention he is experiencing, which has made him swell up around the legs and other places, means that he cant get his leg on, he had hoped that we might escape for a few hours on New Years eve to see the new year in but he truly hates being stared at and it happens a lot when he is in the wheel chair without his leg.

He occasionally wears a t-shirt that has ‘ feel free to point, stare and whisper amongst yourselves’ on the front….

We managed to get out for a few hours last night and went out for a meal, he ate well and it is possible that this is adding to his bleeding hence the notion of fasting.

It’s been a long haul this one and I fear it aint over yet by a long chalk…………………………..

As we rush headlong into 2008 I imagine the words ‘let’s hope it’s a better one than last year’ in my head, strange, we seem to have heard that every New Year’s eve for the past few years!

Thanks to all who have sent mails and wishes recently, it’s much appreciated, there’s plenty of people up here but it can be a lonely place.

Love to all and A Happy and Healthy 2008 to one and all.

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