Sunday 29 July 2007

back into UCH sunday 29 july

Sunday 29 July 2007-07-29

Adam spiked a temperature in the early hours of Saturday morning and after a lengthy watching and waiting exercise we decided he needed to come into UCH for checking, when he is neutropenic, when the slightest germ can be damaging to him, sometimes the germs the normally carries and that don’t affect him day to day become threatening to him as his immune system is unable to react to the threat.

So, we finally arrived at UCH around 4pm and after some initial investigations, he was admitted to T16, his temperature had normalised earlier it he day and we had thought perhaps it was just a blip and he would go home again, however during the night he spiked a temperature again and, on inspection there is some apparent infection to his heel, this was the most likely site for infection and one of the reasons that we were keen to prevent him from becoming neutropenic.

He now has some significant pain from his heel and is on I/V antibiotics which will most likely mean that he’ll be in hospital for up to a week, he is concerned already that his ‘hospital head’ is starting, that is the head that gets fed up as he’s in hospital and effectively out of action and away from his mates and his home, all of which provide him with normality on a day to day basis.

So, for now, I’m in with him, Pauline is coming in later to let me go to work during the week and we’ll see how things go once the antibiotics start to kick in.

Love to all


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