Friday 23 February 2007

One step forward ------- a few back

We had what we thought would be a routine blood test on Monday of this week whilst we went in for a bone marrow aspirate…

Actually when I say we, I obviously mean Adam, (why do I do that?)

His blood results showed a slight increase in his white cells, a continuing drop in his platelets and a normal red cell count.

The consultant rang on Tuesday to advise that they had found leukaemic cells in his bone marrow and that we needed to go in on Wednesday to discuss the options.

We duly went in and discussed the options, there were 3 and two of them were unpalatable so, on the basis that the Glivec is clearly not doing it’s intended job of holding his leukaemia at bay, we went with option 2 which is to use a brand new (just licensed last week) sister drug of Glivec that is used where the Philadelphia Chromosome become resistant to Glivec. The new drug is called Dasatinib.

So, the boy is now one of only 3 people at UCH who are on this new drug, the docs are throwing in a month of chemotherapy and some steroids for good measure and, if we keep going back for more we get a set of free glasses or a digital watch!

It’s a moveable feast this Leukaemia type thing!

Love to all.


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