Wednesday 4 July 2007

Adam Update Wed 04 July

We met with the prof yesterday briefly and he told us what I think we’d all suspected, that Adams bone marrow test came back with a bad result.

There is no plan as yet but the idea is that the team at UCH will determine a plan today then we will admit Adam back into hospital later with a view to probably starting chemo again urgently.

Adam asked me if he can hear the plan before deciding if he wants to go along with it….

He went out with his mates last night, rang me at 4.30 this morning from the gutter at the end of our drive where he had fallen over, due in no small measure to the obviously huge quantities of alcohol he had consumed in the pub and bar after! …. .. I pointed out that his plates were dangerously low so falling over wasn’t a good idea, he just smiled, dribbled and told me he loved me!.......... before biting me on the arse!

He truly don’t like it easy this kid, sadly there will be more to come I’m sure..

Dad’s Pc is playing up at the moment so I am hopeful that you will get this Via Jackie, if you get it duplicated then apologies. It’ll be on the blog too.

Love to all


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