Thursday 19 July 2007

Thursday 19 July

Adam was rudely awakened this morning in order to go into UCH for more chemo, the antibody drug and also some platelets, his platelet count is very very low, the norm for an adult is generally between 250 and 400 and his have been running at around 6! This means that he bruises very easily and can bleed even easier, especially from existing wounds such as his heel.

This will be the third of four treatments and he tolerated the antibody drug (Rituximub) much better last time so we are hopeful that he will be in and out in a day again.

His leg gives him proper independence again and this means that he is often out till all hours in his car, the independence doesn’t yet extend to making his own or our tea though!

We are now at the stage in the chemo where his bone marrow should be being depleted and hopefully the leukaemic cells will be too, this is also the point where he risks infection, the chemo he is on is chosen because it is less likely to leave him neutrapenic which would potentially cause his significant problems with his heel. He is likely to need to go in again on Saturday for a top up of platelets and then again on Tuesday next week for more platelets.

That’s all for now.

Love to all.


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