Friday 29 June 2007

ADAM UPDATE Friday 29 June

Spent most of today in UCH with Adam for a bone marrow aspirate, he had a blood test on Tuesday which showed his platelet level to be very low, hopefully there will be an innocent reason for this but as ever, we’ll spend an anxious few days waiting for the initial results and hoping they are clear and then a further few anxious weeks waiting for the results of the chromosome test

He has been using his leg in conjunction with crutches and is managing quite well, he walked into the pub recently which is something he has avoided doing for ages until he could actually walk in himself, the new leg is very realistic and has one of his trainers on it, the bad foot has a weird shoe on it so everyone assumes its that one that’s got something wrong hence the crutches!

So, once again, we sit and wait, try to be normal and get on with life……

Love to all


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