Thursday 20 December 2007

Adam update Thursday 20th december

I’m in with Adam at the moment and there has been a military type planning exercise to get him a day pass out of hospital for this afternoon in order that he can attend Nell’s birthday party. Then come back in tonight.

His blood counts appear to have just started to bounce back a little and his platelet count, whilst still absurdly low is higher than it was yesterday so it’s small steps but in the right direction.

We’ll bring him back in to hospital after Nell’s and then with luck and good grace he is hoping to get home for Xmas at some time over the weekend.

His body is covered in bruises and petikei which are small bruises that appear spontaneously on there surface of the skin as a result of the lack of platelets.

The podiatrist visited recently and has arranged a different dressing for Adams right foot which is less cumbersome than the boot type covering he’s been using so he is pleased to have a bit for freedom as a result.

Watch this space!



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