Wednesday 12 December 2007

adam update 12 december

Adam and Pauline went to UCH yesterday for him to start the chemo, they met with the prof and his blood counts showed that his red count had dropped significantly whilst his white had risen, his platelet count had also risen slightly which is a good thing, however the combination of the low red and high white is ominous and the prof elected to give him a dose of Vincristine chemo immediately and then administer the low dose chemo that Adam will now self administer for 10 days.

He needed 2 units of blood and they were duly ordered and by around 6pm the nurses said that the blood was in the hospital, however they then lost them for a few hours and eventually found them around 11pm. They got away from the hospital after 4am and arrived home at around 5.30 this morning.

Today he felt a little better having had the blood, he self administered the chemo and we are now waiting for its effects to be felt.

Bailey is managing to make light work of destroying much of the house, he clearly needs a lot of exercise and so we are now thinking of looking for a dog walker nearby to cover the times that Pauline cant take him out.

Love to all


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