Thursday 8 November 2007


Then, after driving the cars around and losing a few mm of tyres in the Jag, the Stig arrived and took Adam then Sarah and I round in a LeMans prototype racer!

It is impossible to describe how it felt to be driven so fast, so well and to stop so fast that your eyes want to pop out of their sockets. As the instructors told Adam, we are either accelerating or braking, never just coasting!

The biggest of thanks go to Jonathon Palmer and the team at Palmer Sport in Bedford Autodrome, in particular Mick Maggio who gave up his lunch and a big part of his day to put a huge smile on Adams face.

Next week Adam goes back into UCH for some intensive chemo, this is likely to involve an initial stay of around a month and then we’ll see how he’s doing, the disease is beginning to show itself in his counts at the moment and the Prof feels that this is the best course of action. Watch this space………..

Anyone want a dog for a month?

Love to all


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