Monday 6 August 2007

gis a beer

Adam asked to leave hospital on Wednesday last week as he was bored and fed up; the docs were reluctant as they felt he should have had a day in after the IV antibiotics stopped to allow for some observation.

He had a pretty good day Thursday and went out with a mate for a drive, whilst stopped in a car park they watched a guy who was clearly high on drugs dancing like a loon, he come over to them and spoke for a moment before swinging his carrier bag with 6 cans of beer in it straight into Adams face and then running off.

So Adam looks like he’s done ten rounds with a boxer and his modelling days may be numbered, some people do get it hard!

His facebook entry says, ‘Adam is bruised and recovering from a face full of Stella – Literally!’ he doesn’t want a fuss made over it though.

His foot got progressively worse over the weekend and he has been in a lot of pain with it, we decided this morning that although he didn’t have a temperature, he should go into UCH for further treatment.

So back in for a few days, this time we might wait till the docs say he can go…. And as I write a have just received a text from Pauline to say that he spiked a temperature at 7.30 this evening so the infection is trying to take hold

On the subject of his heel which has gone backwards significantly since his chemo, I had a long talk with his foot doctor this week and we have been trying to find creative ways to grow new tissue in a guy who has no bone marrow, there is a possibility that if we can get it funded he may be able to use the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in London that is used to treat divers with the bends, apparently the increased rich oxygen that is forced into the blood can increase the quantity of a particular type of cell that he needs to start the repair process.

Watch this space

Love to all


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