Thursday 17 May 2007

have car will travel... anyone seen my boy?

With a bit of skulduggery and some advance planning, I managed to get Adam to the car dealership without him knowing that his new car was there waiting and ready for him to drive away..

We went in under the pretext of him needing to sign some forms and he was confused when the guy gave him a tax disc and some keys and said, there you go!

SO, he took me for a drive then we came home to meet the documentary makers that are to film the Dumball rally and he's now buggered off somewhere with Lauren for a drive.

Obviously getting in and out is difficult and he needs a hand with it but once in the car,he has his independence back!

Today .... The boy is a happy bunny

If anyone knows of a company who wants to sponsor a panel on the Dumball car by having their logo on it then please let them know to contact me. If anyone wants to sponsor our effort to get to Istanbul in a 'reasonably priced' car then navigate to PLEASE be sure to mention me or the Adam's Apple's team so we get the credit!

Love to all



Anonymous said...

Hey Adam. What a wicked surprise that must have been!!

Enjoy your new car and all the extra freedom that it will hopefully bring you, but remember............

drive carefully you boy racer xxxx

Anonymous said...

You write very well.