Wednesday 7 March 2007

Adam update - it's the way you tell em

On Monday Adam went to the gym at our local hospital and he spent some time there being fussed over by the girlies who did some interesting things with his leg/s and who after some request by him, fitted a temporary artificial leg to his left leg and he stood up aided by a stool to support his right leg, it was amazing to stand eye to eye with him, I’d forgotten how tall he is!

He was really buoyed up by being able to stand; it’s been a huge issue for him so it was a real boost.

On Tuesday we had our meeting with the professor at UCH to see whether the news we had been given the previous week had any other alternatives, I was terrified of going in as was Pauline, I went to work beforehand and when I got home to get them I expected him to be like the kid who has to go and see the headmaster! He was dressed, ready for action and told me he felt great and full of energy.

Whether this was a direct result of realising that he could actually stand again with some help or whether he just kicked himself out of the depression for a while I don’t know but nonetheless he had a good head on him as we went into the hospital.

The professor didn’t give us any different news, however he delivered the news in a way that seemed to reassure us all much better than previously and Adam liked him, this is a vital thing for Adam, he does best with people he likes and who he feels show a genuine interest in his case.

So for now, the plan is to try to improve his bone marrow by continuing the new drug, there is a possibility that the steroids may be replaced with another drug called Rituximab which is normally used for other types of cancer but may give some improvement for him, the Prof explained that as the existing treatment isn’t working, we need to find something that is different as the leukaemia is clever and learns how to overcome many things that are thrown at it.

We watch and wait again…

Love to all


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